BKiT features over 500 videos and articles focused on core methodologies proven by champion paintball athletes



Learn how to command the field, tips to keep your team focused and motivated. How Grayson and Scott won championships around the world


How to dominate the snake, doritos, back line up and mid positions.


Understand how to apply the best exercises and methods to increasing speed, endurance, strength and mobility by a top certified trainer


Learn what top foods you need to keep you mentally and physically energized and focused on the field. Lose fat and gain lean muscle for peak performance


BKi has shown me how professionals communicate off the field. Knowing the things to say to increase my teammates productivity, has been the best less I have learned thus far.

- Colton Fritz

BKi gives an opportunity for players to develop their skills with teh help of the sports top professionals. From Gameplay and Planning to Training and Diet, BKI covers every area that helps players develop and push their own personal limits.

- Vidal Salvidar

I love that BKi Paintball is an open forum with pros and other industry experts. BKi has also created a global community of like-minded paintball players eager to improve their game

- Leon Wunsch

Learn how to win. All the tips, training, and just wonderful insight...BKi has it all

- Patrick Vega

BKi has so much info, tips, and experience put into words and video about how we can better our game and our mindset. All about BKi says: "Win. Period. Learn how to do it right and do not settle for less." It is empowering! I personally want to thank Grayson Goff for all his tenacity and total dedication to help the paintball community!! Keep up the great work!

- Raul Segura

BKi has shown me what it is like to be and to become a professional Paintball players. They make sure you are prepared mentally and physically, so you can be the best you can possibly be.

- Gabe Cornwall


BKi stands for Best Kids in Paintball and that's the goal, to create the next generation of successful winning players and teams. Get the advice you need from the best of the best. Content is uploaded by the top pro players in the world. Get your edge and go pro. Boost your confidence and your G count today.