BKI Paintball

About The Coaches

Grayson Goff

Coach Grayson Goff is the founder of BKi Paintball and has been playing paintball over 15 years. He's racked up multiple professional wins along with a World Cup Championship.

His love for teaching is almost as strong as his love for paintball, hence why he created BKi School of Paintball in 2013. In the sport of paintball, no one has ever taken the approach to analyze every part of the game like Grayson and it shines through every piece of content on BKi.

BKi stands for Best Kids in Paintball and that's the goal, to create the next generation of successful winning players and teams.

Scott Kemp

Coach Scott Kemp is a personal trainer out of San Diego California and professional paintball player for the Los Angeles Ironmen

Training Credentials:

  • NASM: Certified Personal Trainer
  • SSA Advanced Sports Nutrition Certified
  • CRP/AED Certified
  • TRX Certified

Training Experience:

  • Over 1,000 hours personal training at Equinox Beverly Hills, 24 Hour Fitness Ja Jolla, World Gym San Diego and Bootcamps at Kate Sessions Park.
  • Over 500 online clients personally trained and coached via Team Atrain and Scott Kemp Fitness.

Paintball Credentials:

  • Currently plays for the Los Angeles Ironmen
  • 13 years of professional paintball
  • 14 professional 1st place wins
  • 2 World Cup Championships